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The followings are the main keys for foreign brands to succeed in the Japanese market.
・Sufficient and adequate localization or culturalization ・Judgement on demands
・Communication with local resellers ・Customer support in native Japanese
・Agent or moral person in Japan  

Sufficient and adequate localization or culturalization

Most of the unsuccessful products are not well localized or culturalized. It is not enough simply to translate the program strings into Japanese. It is also important to consider suitable designs, local payment options, support in Japanese, adjustment with resellers, etc. Otherwise, the product won’t sell even if its quality is good.

Communication with local resellers

Most of the Japanese customers purchase only at Japanese sites. They especially hesitate to use their credit card online at foreign sites. So, it is very important to tag with local resellers, who hvave their own customers.

Agent or moral person in Japan

Japan has its own culture and on the other hand, is very closed and not open to other countries. Many Japanese companies don’t have business with foreign companies directly for most of the cases lacking workforce able to speak English or verify agreement in English. So, it is important to establish a local agent or company in Japan. Either of them will help partnership with local resellers.

Solution & Service

We are to help solving your problems. We are to resolve all worries and answer all the questions you may have about the Japanese market. We are able to communicate in English, French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Localization and Culturalization

We are to give you appropriate consultation about culturalization of your products from translation to specifications that are suitable to the Japanese market and requirements of the Japanese customers. Japanese customers require a lot in the quality of explanation both in the products and support but we can provide them in natural and appropriate way. We have all the resources that are necessary to sell the products to the Japanese customers.

Judgement on demands

We can evaluate how your products meet the demands of the Japanese customers by data analysis as well as the opinions of resellers and vendors.

Communication with local resellers

As we communicate with resellers, you won't need to hire a special employee in charge of communications with Japanese resellers.

Agent or moral person in Japan

We will be your agent in Japan to sell your products in the Japanese market. We can also provide you with consultation if you want to establish your own company in Japan.

Our Services

Localization and culturalization of
software and its manual

Intermediate with Japanese local resellers

Creation of Japanese website
(with design for Japanese customers)

(Adwards, internet ads, affiliate, rebate for resellers, etc.)

Sales to Japanese companies

Customer support

Legal procedure
(including tax payment)

Please feel free to ask any questions through the contact form.