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Company NameX-agon Co., Ltd.
Registered at3-12-4, Shinjuku, Shinjuku,
Tokyo, 160-0022, JAPAN
Established onJuly 13th, 2010
Roles and Business ・Japanese agent for foreign software brands
・Planning, development and distribution of software
・Planning and sales of boxed software
・Consulation for foreign brands about the Japanese market
・Data analysis of the Japanese market for foreign companies
・Other works related to online shoppings
BankSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Aoyama Branch

About X-agon

We have seen significant growth in e-commerce market in the last past decade. Today, we can purchase and sell software and service from/to anywhere in the world on the internet. Some may think it as a great business opportunity and try to enter foreign markets. But there are some barriers like language, laws, differences in business customs and lack of human resources to solve these problems.

It also applies to foreign companies that want to enter the Japanese market. We help both types of companies to expand their business in new markets.